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Create a 3D website

A-Frame is an easy to use, beginner-focused web library that allows you to create 3D worlds extremely quickly! Ch eck out their getting started guide to start creating amazing 3D websites with just 40 lines of code! (Note: you're not restricted just to A-Frame. Feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with!)

Here are some examples of what you can build with A-Frame:


Here are some amazing projects that Hack Clubbers have submitted to Hackaccino!

Submit your site

You'll need to have a url where we can see your code, whether it be GitHub or something like ReplIt and a live url where we can see it! You can do this using Vercel or GitHub Pages.

You'll be submitting your code and live link!

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After submitting, you'll get a grant from HCB to spend on a frappuccino! Enjoy whichever flavor your heart desires—great work on the website you built!

So, you've heard it all now...whatcha waitin' for? might not know what to build.

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